My Promise to You


My Commitment to you

I know how overwhelming and uncomfortable it can be to trust a complete stranger with your most intimate and personal details. So many of us have had experiences that we hold shame or remorse around. For others, the idea of sharing their most intimate dreams and goals can feel overwhelming or even downright terrifying.

In the telling, it's easy to imagine that our innermost personal aspirations will be met with criticism, a lack of support, understanding or shared enthusiasm. How do I know this? Because I have lived this story, and so have many of the people I have been fortunate to work with over the years

I wholeheartedly believe the work I do is sacred. I am entrusted with secrets, dreams, personal traumatic events of the worst kind, life goals and even my client's deepest darkest fears, and I cherish them all. What my client's choose to share with me will always and forever be held in the strictest confidence.     

An additional commitment I make to all of my client's is I will work ceaselessly and tirelessly with those I am fortunate to serve, to help them achieve their goals.

My dedication to you

Whether it be recovery coaching, life or business coaching, energy medicine, concierge addiction treatment or attending one of my retreats; my sole focus is to assist my client's to upgrade their Soul's process, while maintaining a container built upon honesty, full disclosure, trust and a whole lot of love.  

The fruits of my labor that have been harvested while on my own path were only possible through my constant, and unwavering commitment to my goals and vision. As such, I understand the importance of providing the right guidance and support for you while you embark upon your own journey. 

I vow to hold a steady, yet flexible focus on your needs to ensure unwavering support, guidance, and most important, accountability.

 I feel very blessed, and I have tremendous gratitude to God and the Ascended Masters for guiding me along my path. My mission is to be of service, and to help shift the collective consciousness in any way that I can. My greatest joy in life is to be of service to those looking to change, grow and evolve into their highest potential. Contact me to see how I can assist you to create a Life you Love.