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I am a Coach, an Author, a Speaker and a Intuitive Healer.  I have dedicated my life to assisting those looking to grow and evolve into their highest potential mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Schedule a free consultation to learn how I can serve You

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My Story

There was never a single defining moment in my life that put me on my path of service, rather, it was a culmination of my experiences, and the wisdom I gained through those experiences that steered my course in the direction I am now on. When given the option, I have a tendency to choose the more difficult road to traverse, whether consciously or subconsciously, as a way to force myself to grow and evolve.

As an adopted, introverted child I felt like I didn't belong to this world. I spent countless hours by myself, oftentimes alone in my room trapped inside my head, asking myself questions such as, “why am I here,” and “what is the point to life.”  In my solitude, unbeknownst to me at the time, I began to develop certain parapsychic abilities that allowed me to see into people, to feel their emotions, and some years later, would allow me to recognize the underlying drivers of their dis-ease and their behavior.    

In my high school years and leading into my mid 20’s, my hypersensitivities worked against me and not for me. I hadn’t yet learned that so much of the discomfort I was experiencing on an everyday basis were not my own thoughts and emotions, rather, I was experiencing what the people around me, and the environments I was in, were emitting. In an attempt to quiet the noise and to deal with the discomfort, I began experimenting with drugs and alcohol. While I was able to temporarily assuage the noise, other problems began to surface. I became riddled with depression and social anxiety, which led to me using more drugs and alcohol to combat those concerns. A vicious cycle to say the least!

At the age of 28 I made a choice to become sober, and to figure out why I had never felt like I belonged here, why I had always been so uncomfortable, and why I had routinely resorted to using drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism to numb my pain.

While seeking treatment I met my first, of what would be many, spiritual teachers who would manifest at critical junctures along my path of Self-Realization. I learned about what it meant to be an empath. I began studying metaphysics and ancient esoteric philosophy, and I also learned about psychic development. It was from these first initial lessons and instructions that my life, and the world in which we inhabit, began to make sense. For the first time in my life I felt as if I had a purpose and a direction to walk towards, and it was at this point in my life when I made the decision to use my life experiences to be of service to those who were struggling with the same emotional content that I had been plagued with for so many years.

My life of service began when I started working at the most exclusive residential drug and alcohol treatment center in America as a tech. I was quickly promoted and became a life coach and a sober companion to three billionaires, multiple wealthy business executives, a fashion mogul, a number of Hollywood celebrities, and the owner of the one of the most valuable professional sports franchises in America.

During my time at this facility I learned that even at the most expensive treatment center in the country, one that advertised individualized treatment programs, everyone received the same exact cookie cutter treatment program as the next, and not a single one of the therapies or interventions offered addressed any of the real underlying drivers of addiction. I asked myself, “there has to be a more effective way of working with addiction and mental health concerns than this assembly line approach, because the majority of these people are relapsing.”

In 2008, I created a company called The Power of Choice,™ and introduced to the world a concept that I refer to as concierge addiction treatment. The idea was to provide an all-inclusive behavioral and mental health treatment service. One where the entire program was facilitated one-to-one by doctors, therapists and clinicians who maintained private practices, were considered to be leaders in their respective fields, and whose specific specialty practice area was complementary to the whole of the team. The art of working in this way is in the construction of the pieces of the team, when and how they are administered, and in which particular sequence. The idea is to create a synergistic process that generates momentum as the client progresses through their treatment, with each doctor, therapist and clinician's work building and expanding upon the work of their colleagues, all in service to the clients' self-directed healing. 

The medical intervention, treatment program, the residence the client resides in while under my care, and the services they desire are all specifically tailored to fit their needs, lifestyle, beliefs and interests. Instead of working with 6-12 clients at a time and providing them all with the exact same treatment program in a group setting, I decided to work with only one or two clients at a time, and to use my intuitive healing gifts to customize treatment programs which addressed their specific issue(s).  

My work took a giant leap forward when I was introduced to amazonian plant medicine by a professional colleague of mine. What I discovered was that when I worked with Master Plants, I was able to push myself past my own resistance levels, and I was able to connect to my Divine Self in a way that I previously wasn't able to. In doing this sacred work, I started to receive etheric gifts that expanded my consciousness, parapsychic abilities and sensitivities.

These new gifts were given to me in service to those I work with. One of these gifts is called The God Code, and it's a form of energy medicine I practice that allows my clients to see their life vision with greater clarity. It unlocks the pathways, work, structure and actions necessary to achieve their goals, as well as to be able to connect and meet their Divine Self. In cases of trauma, I am able to use The God Code to move my clients past their triggering event, essentially shifting the timeline beyond the point in time where they first became "stuck," which liberates the memory (trauma) at the cellular level.

So why am I sharing all of this with you? It certainly is not to position or promote myself as some sort of healing messiah, far from it. If anything, I want to let whoever reads this to know that I understand their pain, I resonate with their life experiences, and I understand what it takes and what it truly means to heal the underlying drivers of dis-ease. I have a lifetime of training and experience to fall back on to assist those who are looking to liberate themselves from the self-imposed shackles of their mind. My life's purpose, and my greatest source of joy is to assist my clients to discover their path of Self-Realization, in whatever form that may look like. 

I look forward to serving You!